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Orphan Boy

Coastal Tones

Released: 25th May 2015
Coastal Tones

Passion, Pain & Loyalty

Released: 2nd August 2010
Passion, Pain & Loyalty

Shop Local

Released: 7th April 2008
Shop Local

We will die under provincial skies
But will our spirits remain
In the terraced houses where we've slept all our lives Where we ripped out our hearts to make them beat once again.

When you were restless I followed you here To where the docks meet the sand See the harbour, the lights and the pier There's a charm to this place that we both understand.

On a cliff-face the houses recoil
Petrified by the sea
I have watched them as they slipped from the soil Watch those haunting black windows that stare back at me.

And every birthday we find ourselves here Playing pool with your friends Other people oh they left us behind They had freedom and fortune, no lovers could hold them down

A young girl sings, outside the North Sea clings at the sorrow Bank holiday sights in the November rain and the sorrow These non-descript lives wearing thin without shame for the sorrow The newspaper nights and the dishwater days and the sorrow Oh that ties me to you....

A young boy sings, outside the North Sea clings at the sorrow And these colourless streets are so sick of my face and the sorrow The weekends retreat and the weeks run away with the sorrow In your bedroom you curl up so close and you speak of the sorrow Oh and it ties me to you....

Home again, to the end of these lives and start back again Home again, oh we've spent so much time at 6 Hasty Lane, oh nostalgia.