Book Orphan Boy

Orphan Boy

Coastal Tones

Released: 25th May 2015
Coastal Tones

Passion, Pain & Loyalty

Released: 2nd August 2010
Passion, Pain & Loyalty

Shop Local

Released: 7th April 2008
Shop Local

Trophies of Love

Released: 6th November 2006
Trophies of Love

Bury your stars, where you’ll always find x 4



Oh I’ve seen stars and I plucked them down

Just to hold my stars, feel them cool right down

And I kept my stars til they crumbled, turned brown

I still play with my stars, yeah I line em up then knock em down.



Would they take my stars when they cleared me out?

Would I break from my stars, when the sparks burn out?

Would I wrap my stars in paper towels?

And arrange my stars, yeah and line them up when I feel down



And on those dulving days, I sometimes wish that I would find them

Lit up the sky and reflecting in wondering eyes

Oh, not here in my hand or restrained by the ground

Known and revealed, neither lost, neither found.



I’ve seen doctors who bury their stars

I’ve seen lawyers who bury their stars

I’ve seen joiners who bury their stars

And policemen who bury their stars

I’ve seen welders who bury their stars

I’ve seen drivers who bury their stars

Ground workers who bury their stars

Graphic designers who bury their stars and I’ve seen the

Greengrocers, pawnbrokers, bookmakers and waiters

Scaffolders, team leaders, stock brokers, stock takers

There’s people on oil rigs and five star cruise liners

The person who leaves the blue soap in urinals

There’s postmen, there’s painters and call centre agents

There’s midwives and milkmen and session musicians

Fish factory workers and dental technicians

And traffic attendants who dream of transcendence!