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Orphan Boy

Coastal Tones

Released: 25th May 2015
Coastal Tones

Passion, Pain & Loyalty

Released: 2nd August 2010
Passion, Pain & Loyalty

Shop Local

Released: 7th April 2008
Shop Local

Trophies of Love

Released: 6th November 2006
Trophies of Love

I went jogging, just to clear my head

I spent the entire day, watching Zulu,

And just burning matches by the window

I ran beyond, those dog eared flats

Deserted docks with cobbled streets

Where trawlers bang a dwindling beat

For black and white boom days

That stretched for miles up this North-East coast

Those chemical plants just hang like ghosts

Over a pale, industrial sky

With the workforce shuffling through the canteen doors

And no one dreams of escape

Not while the workers rotate the weekend shifts

Through tabloid talk that fails to lift

The taste of cheap powdered coffee

Watch this…



Following the North Wall,

Until the North Wall stops

And the waves hit the rocks

Like mongrels barking at the gas man

Through double-glazed windows

And so we hit the beach

Where washed-up souls wash away those dreams

Spilling dark thoughts over skeletal smokes

Away from the bars and the birds and the blokes

It’s why theirs heads grow fat

And hearts grow thin

And new-build homes stretch for miles

The arse end of the British Isles

Where no one cares

And no one knows

The blood-red sky is juxtaposed

With retail parks and service roads

Tick-tock, maggots, and dig your holes

‘Cos I’m chopping wood with Noah.



Still trying to clear my head

I’m wandering the night spots in search of old friends

And then I’m back home where I just cant’ replace

The mascara stains from your love-sick face

But from an open window

I can still hear the beach

Still certain one day you’ll come back within reach

And we’ll clear the air with some two-for-one pub grub

Breathing in the unbeatable sadness

Of the sea…